Latraac Skate Cafe


An inner city skateboard and design initiative housed inside a 19th century courtyard in Kerameikos, Athens.

The 300 sq m space was fitted with a computationally designed plywood skate bowl, a garden cafe and a dense array of trees.

Founded in 2017, Latraac quickly became one of Athens’ best-loved venues, featuring skateboarding , music and arts. It has built a dedicated community while hosting events including skateboarding classes for young refugees and collaborated with international artists/djs such as Larry Gus and PAN Records.

Latraac was shortlisted for the Architecture category in the Beazley Designs Of The Year 2019 on show at the London Design museum.

The Washington Post wrote that Latraac “turns preconceptions of the city of Athens and fringe culture on its head.”



Christian Grenier Frontside stale disaster at Latraac

Eddie El Gato Elguero Latraac

Latraac Bowl Contest

CNC cut Array

Steve Lemercier Performance at Latraac for Pane Per Poveri, 2017